In the field of health, responsive and effective technical assistance is an essential element for all manufacturers of medical equipment. Our team is totally committed to the maintenance of your equipment and the extension of its life.

Our goal: customer satisfaction

The LSO Medical after-sales service works daily for customer satisfaction.

By ensuring the reliability and performance of the devices, the after-sales service team ensures the continuity of service of the lasers, in the operating rooms or in the office.

Our technicians are your privileged interlocutors for the preventive maintenance of devices, the diagnosis of faults and the repair of lasers.

The LSO Medical after-sales service is driven by 3 key values:

  • Responsiveness
  • Organization
  • Expertise

In the event of a breakdown on one of your lasers, LSO Medical Service is committed to responding as soon as possible. In the event of a long breakdown and depending on the needs of the vascular services, the LSO Medical after-sales service provides a backup device to preserve continuity of care.


Continuity of service is one of the challenges of the LSO Medical after-sales service. To prevent breakdowns and limit failures, the LSO Medical after-sales service team has developed an efficient organization, which ensures the timely updating and maintenance of your devices, throughout the country.


Our service team is made up of qualified and experienced technicians, dedicated to the rapid resolution of failures occurring on your laser.

Trained in our production department, service members master the complexity of LSO Medical lasers, which allows them to effectively identify the causes of failures and ensure their maintenance.

A shared commitment internationally

With an international presence, LSO Medical is committed to providing an equivalent level of quality and reliability for all its devices worldwide.

LSO Medical shares this strong desire with all its international partners. In its Lille training center, LSO Medical trains its distributors in preventive maintenance operations and first-level troubleshooting.

After-Sales Service Contact
280 Rue Salvador Allende,
59120 Loos, FRANCE