Our history

Based in Loos in the Lille region, LSO Medical is a French company founded in 2002.

Under the aegis of its CEO, Mr Philippe Rochon, and its R&D division, LSO MEDICAL was able to offer international practitioners laser platforms that meet the needs of vascular pathology management.

  1. The Endotherme Laser 1470 for thermal ablation of Saphenous
  2. The Exotherme Laser, for the management of Telangiectasias

The recognition of LSO MEDICAL was then built on essential pillars:

  1. A high-quality manufacturing process (ISO 13485)
  2. Permanent support for health institutions and their practitioners
  3. Continuous training of stakeholders (practitioners and block staff)
  4. Continuous search for new innovative technologies
  5. Rigorous after-sales service monitoring

Innovation being our driving force, LSO MEDICAL is fully invested in a broad development program in thermal endovenous treatment.

The new Lumeseal platform, a 3rd generation EVLT laser platform, including SnakeBack technology ***Lumeseal Link***, for a perfect standardization of the procedure today concretizes this involvement at all times

Our mainspring

Serving patients is a privilege, for which we hold the highest standards of quality and ethics. These requirements apply in all the company’s activities: design, manufacture and sale of our products.

LSO Medical aims for patient well-being through the perpetual improvement of existing treatments.

Always easier! Always more efficient! Always less invasive!

Our values
  • Innovation
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Quality
Our values

With more than 20 national and international patents filed to date, innovation has punctuated the life of LSO Medical since its creation. LSO Medical continually seeks to improve its products with a view to increasing their efficiency, safety and ergonomics.

LSO Medical relies on an innovative and creative R&D team for the development of new products. This team works in collaboration with several French research institutes such as CNRS or INSERM.

Customer satisfaction

To satisfy its customers, LSO Medical makes it a point of honor to the reliability and high performance of its equipment. With several hundred thousand laser procedures performed with its equipment around the world, LSO Medical has become a recognized and privileged player for the management of vascular pathology.

LSO Medical devotes particular attention to actively listening to its customers and their needs, in order to offer them tailor-made support and build a solid and lasting relationship with each of them.


A value shared by all, which is reflected in the products, services, all the company’s processes and the relationships that LSO Medical maintains with its customers, partners and suppliers. LSO Medical has been ISO 13485 certified since 2012 (medical device standard). The Quality Charter is a reference document for all employees and partners.

Our responsibilities (CSR)

Faced with environmental, humanitarian and societal issues, LSO Medical leads a Social and Environmental Responsibility (CSR) policy to promote employee well-being and sustainable development in the manufacture and marketing of its equipment.

  • Well-being and quality of life at work
  • Equality, parity, diversity in employment
  • Humanitarian actions
  • Dematerialization and green digital
  • Anti-waste policy
  • Development of teleworking
  • Accessibility to laser technology
  • Price fairness
  • European suppliers
Our expertise

Through the structure of its team and its geographical proximity, LSO Medical listens to its customers. This proximity allows LSO Medical to understand and anticipate the needs of its customers. This support allows LSO Medical to build a solid and lasting relationship with each one with its clients.

French quality

Made in France, all LSO Medical equipment meets the international ISO 13485 requirement. For all these supplies (raw material, micro-components, packaging, etc.), LSO Medical has selected eco-responsible suppliers to offer its customers high-quality and high-performance equipment.


With more than 20 years of experience, LSO Medical has become a recognized player in the design, production and marketing of medical lasers. To date, more than 250.000 laser procedures have been performed with LSO Medical equipment in more than 50 countries around the world.


With audacity and imagination, LSO Medical develops the lasers of tomorrow, through research and the integration of innovative technologies. In addition, listening to our customers reinforces our desire to develop new innovative technological solutions for the benefit of patients.