LUMESEAL® : innovation at the service of practitioners

As part of the treatment of endovenous venous insufficiency, the Lumeseal® laser is intended to be used for:

  • Occlusion of the great saphenous vein
  • Occlusion of the small saphenous vein

It must be associated with the use of a compatible radial fiber: fiber Ringlight_SB

Technical characteristics
Diode laser 1470

After the success of the Pharaoh 980nm and following the validation of the clinical interest of the wavelength 1470nm (Endotherme 1470), LSO Medical integrates a diode 1470 in its new laser Lumeseal.

This wavelength of 1470nm combined with its “continuous” firing mode are now recognized as the Gold Standard in the thermal ablation treatment of saphenous by Laser.

Ringlight radial fibers

Since 2012, LSO Medical has been offering a complete range of Ringlight® radial fibers.

For added flexibility, Ringlight® radial fibers are available in 3 sizes:

  • Standard 1.8 mm, 600 µm (+option fused disponible)
  • Slim Fused 1.3 mm, 400 μm
  • Slim 1.0 mm, 400 μm


To ensure compatibility with SnakeBack technology, Ringlight_SB fibers exist. They integrate all the elements of the “SnakeBack” technology

Ergonomics designed for the user
  • Easy adjustment for better control of the procedure
  • Assisted/automated fiber removal control managed by the user interface alone
Standardization for each procedure

The Lumeseal® incorporates the company’s latest patented innovation: SnakeBack® technology.

The SnakeBack® is a tension-free assisted removal system capable of planning, applying and controlling the delivery of energy into the vein.

The Lumeseal® thus allows a perfect delivery of energy, throughout the vein, maintaining a perfect regularity of treatment.

Unique traceability

Complete traceability for each procedure:

  • The Lumeseal allows traceability of each procedure by the presence of a smart card delivered with each SB radial firing Laser Fiber
Technical specifications
  • Laser: Laser Diode
  • Wavelength: 1470 nm
  • Laser class: 4
  • Class DM: IIb (Directive 93/42/EC and Regulation 2017/745/EU)
  • Removal module: SnakeBack®
  • Lumeseal
  • Laser Class 4
  • Class DM 11b
Related accessories

Fiber Ringlight® References

Name Reference Technical specifications Compatibility
Fibre Ringlight_SB® Standard
ORLF000003_SB 600 µm, 1.8 mm Laser: Lumeseal®
Introducer: Introducer 6 fr
Fibre Ringlight_SB® Slim
ORLF000005_SB 400 µm, 1.0 mm Laser: Lumeseal®
Introducer: Introducer 4 Fr or Cathlon 16G
Name Reference Technical specifications and composition Compatibility
Servante LumeSeal®


EV2-7-201 Compatible LumeSeal_SB®
Lunettes Praticiens


  • Blue Glasses Lenses
Lunettes Patients


  • Green glasses lenses
Pompe DP 30 – Nouvag


  • Adjustable injection power
  • Pedal: Vario
Nouvag 6022 / 6022a / 6022b
Tubulure – Nouvag


6022 / 6022a / 6022b
  • Length: 4 meters
Pump DP 30 Nouvag
Kit d’introduction 6 Fr – SCW

CE 0197

  • 1 introducteur court 11cm
  • 1 dilatateur
  • 1 fil guide métallique .038 en J -45cm
  • 1 aiguille de ponction 18G – 7cm
Fibre Ringlight® Standard
Legal Notice

Destinations: vascular surgeons, vascular doctors, pharmacists, biomedical engineers and operating room staff.

DM class: IIb. Laser class: 4.

Disposables: Ringlight® and Ringlight_SB® Laser Fibers

Indications: Medical lasers and sterile disposables for endovascular coagulation, occlusion and removal of saphenous veins.

Contraindication: LumeSeal_SB® should not be used in the following cases: Patients with thrombi in the venous segment intended for treatment, Patients with an aneurysm in the venous segment intended for treatment, Patients with peripheral vascular diseases with an ankle-arm systolic pressure index below 0.9,  Patients with deep vein thrombosis or with a history of deep vein thrombosis, Pregnant patients, Patients with infection on the area to be treated, active herpes or other viral infection, Other contraindications may possibly be indicated by the practitioner at the time of treatment. Read the instructions in the user manual carefully.

Endovenous Laser Treatment: Covered by Health Insurance

Manufacturer: LSO Medical, Biocentre Fleming, Bât D, 280 rue Salvador Allende, 59120 Loos, France

Distributor: SCW brands.

Internal reference: 23/04/LSOMEDICAL/PM/001

Version: IM EMB – VA-en