The Exotherme Laser™

The Exotherme™ Laser is a transcutaneous diode Laser specially designed for Vascular Medicine. It effectively treats superficial vascular lesions.  The Exotherme™ Laser can be used alone or in addition to sclerotherapy and micro-sclerosis technique.

Technical characteristics
Indication of the Exotherme™ Laser

The Exotherme Laser is intented for:

  • The treatment of superficial vascular lesions (varicose veins, telangiectasia) of red, blue or purple color.
  • With a diameter between 0.2 and 2 mm
Principle of action

Its principle of action is based on the production of a thermal action, thanks to the conversion of light energy into heat.

The 980 nm wavelength emitted by the Laser is strongly absorbed by hemoglobin (its chromophore) and then converted into heat. The heat is then diffused to the walls of the vessel.

By raising the temperature, the vein collapses causing destruction of the vessel wall.This effect makes the closure and the destruction of the vessel possible.

The technical specifications of the Exotherme™ Laser

The Exotherme™ Laser has a unique handpiece, the Control 4+, combining the following technologies:

  • The Multipulse technology
  • The integrated camera and its x10 optical zoom
  • The self-regulated cooling system at 5°C
  • The trans-illumination



a) The Multipulse technology

The Multipulse technology is based on breaking down the Laser shot into 3 pulses :

  • The first pulse : increases the optical absorption of the laser target : the hemoglobin
  • The second an the third pulse: maintain the temperature between 60 and 75°C in the vessel for a duration corresponding to the thermal relaxation time (TRT)

Respecting the TRT of the vessel avoids a rupture of the vein wall and eliminates any risk of purpura.

b) The integrated camera

The camera with its x10 optical zoom allows a very precise treatment.

The real-time visualization of the treatment confirms the effectiveness of each shot.

c) The self-regulated cooling system at 5°C

The integrated cooling system in the Hand piece offers the patient optimized comfort through a painless treatment.

d) Trans-illumination system

The trans-illumination principle at 530 nm improves the visualization of the deeper vessels : the closer the blood vesse lis to the sport, the darker it appears on the screen.

The procedure with the Exotherme™ Laser

The procedure is simple, efficient, quick and safe.

  • The treatment is non-invasive and is performed in a medical office
  • Dosimetry is adjusted according to each treatment, depending on the type of vessel (protocol provided)


The results of the Exotherme™ Laser

The number of sessions varies between each patient: between 2 and 3 sessions.

The results appear gradually and are permanent 4 to 6 weeks after the treatment.


After 1 session J+30

After 2 sessions J+60


Vascular Doctors talk about the Exotherme™ Laser

Doctor Julien Dupuis, angiologist in Templemars (France)

“The advantage of the Exotherme Laser is comfort for the patient. There is no injection, there is no skin break-in, it is completely non-invasive. The treatment is painless, I have never had any complaints from my patients and it is a very effective and easy treatment.

There is also an educational interest, because we see on the screen the vein disappearing little by little, so the patient can follow the effectiveness of the treatment. The Exotherme Laser combines a scientific, educational and fun side, it is an excellent treatment.”

Technical specification of the Exotherme™ Laser
  • Laser : Diode Laser.
  • Wavelength : 980nm+/-10.
  • Power : 25Watts.
  • Cooling system : Peltier et Air.
  • Emission code : Pulsed (Multipulse).
  • Laser class: 4.
  • Safety class : IIb (Directive93/42/CE).
  • Aiming beam : 635nm+/-20.
  • Power supply : 110-240 VAC ; 50 to 60Hz.
  • Weight : 15kg.
  • Dimensions : H45cmxL45cmxl35cm.
  • Certifications : FDA, KFDA and SFDA